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TDC Series

France Agro Industries

TDC Series


Our patented cooling / freezing lines with a capacity from 200 to 5,000 kg/h are designed for fast product freezing, thanks to our brine streaming technology that allows high heat exchange factor.

This process successively includes a freezing zone, a dripping zone, followed or not by a glazing step.

The cooling and/or the freezing are ensured by brine streaming with a concentration adjusted by an automated and permanent control of the freezing point (F.A.I. patented solution).

Optional : This process can receive a TSRA module as an output to sub-cool the products

Benefits of our freezing lines

Great flexibility thanks to a modular design

High heat exchange factor that allows fast product cooling to the core

Performance improvement of the process

Organoleptic quality conservation of the products

Obtaining an IQF product without any weight loss

Control and monitoring of all parameters on HMI according to pre-recorded recipes

Reduced manipulation of the product with the possibility to use different types of conditioning

Possibility of a glazing step (rapid product rinsing)

Ensures the evacuation of waste through continuous filtration

Designed for fast and easy cleaning and maintenance

Specific safety approval – EEC standards

Reduced operating cost