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CDD Series

France Agro Industries

CDD Series


Our patented CDD thawing lines, with a capacity up to 5 Tons/h are designed for a fast and homogeneous thawing that does not damage the product thanks to our streaming technology.

This process sequentially separate and thaws blocs from 2 to 20 kg. Depending on the type of product the thawing process can be fast or more progressive.

Benefits of our Thawing Lines

Great flexibility thanks to a modular design

Control and monitoring of all parameters on HMI according to pre-recorded recipes

Precise temperature management due to instant steam injection

Controlled thawing process

Continuous mecanical treatment of waste

Natural dilution of the baths

Fast and homogeneous treatment of products thanks to our streaming technology

Optimal conservation of the product surface

Designed for fast and easy cleaning

Reduced operating cost

Specific safety approval – EEC standards